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Swivel Chair


This contemporary swivel chair offers a plush, round seating area complemented by a square backrest and arms. It’s designed for comfort and style, with a neutral-toned fabric that fits seamlessly into any decor. The included decorative pillow adds an element of texture and contrast.
Estimated Delivery: 12+ weeks

Custom fabric and color options available upon request


Caret Down
  • Neutral Upholstery: The light brown fabric complements a wide range of color palettes, making it versatile for different room aesthetics.
  • Textured Pillow: The chair comes with a textured pillow that enhances comfort and adds visual interest.
  • Compact Dimensions: With a width of 29.5", depth of 28.5", and height of 26", this chair fits well in smaller spaces without compromising on style.

Dimensions & Configurations

Caret Down
Width: 29.5" Depth: 28.5" Height: 26" Seat Depth: 25.5" Arm Width: 3" Arm Height: 26"

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