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Bumper, Fabric Sofa


The Bumper Fabric Sofa combines comfort and contemporary aesthetics, making it an ideal addition to modern living spaces.
Estimated Delivery: 12+ weeks

Custom fabric and color options available upon request


Caret Down
  • Upholstery: The sofa is upholstered in a soft, light-colored fabric, creating an inviting and sophisticated look.
  • Design: Its minimalist design features clean lines and square arms, perfect for contemporary interiors.
  • Cushions: Plush cushions ensure comfort during extended lounging sessions.
  • Throw Pillows: Two patterned throw pillows complement the solid color of the sofa.
    Sturdiness: The sturdy frame and well-proportioned dimensions make it suitable for everyday use.

Dimensions & Configurations

Caret Down
Width: 103" Depth: 41" Height: 32" Fram Height: 26" Inside Width: 91" Seat Height: 18" Seat Depth: 24" Arm WIdth: 6" Arm Height: 26" Leg Height: 1.75"

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